Ninja Pictures is a independent film production and photography company based in Minnesota, USA. Ninja Pictures offers video and photography services to individuals and companies (check out the “Services” tab for more information). Ninja pictures also offers training in film production through video series and workshops (check out the “Workshops / Dojo Training” tab for more information). In addition Ninja Pictures produces its own independent films and videos. Sometimes┬áthere are fundraisers in process to produce the next video that is a Ninja Pictures original (check out the “Fundraisers” tab to see past fundraisers and current projects). Ninja Pictures posts its videos and films in a variety of ways. To see updates on the latest projects be sure to subscribe and visit our social media accounts that are listed below:





The Girl Behind It All

Brittany White is the founder of Ninja Pictures. She has a bachelors degree in film production from University of Northwestern – St. Paul and Los Angeles Film Studies Center. She has worked with multiple companies, institutions, and individuals. If you are looking for a straight forward yet funny person that gets the job done she’s your gal. She will get your job done with less chit chat and more action. In photography she is a sharp shooter. Expect to see moments in the photos that you never thought were caught on camera. In videography she likes to get in and out before being spotted. Ninja Pictures provides lower costs than most photographers and videographers. This is because Brittany believes there should be a cheaper yet higher quality option for those who can’t bring themselves to pay for the higher priced professionals.