Workshops / Dojo Training

Ninja Pictures offers different workshops where individuals or couples can come learn how to make movies in a fast, easy, low budget, yet professional way. “Ninja Style Video Production” is a phrase we use often. It means we get in and get out before being seen. That is exactly what we teach you how to do. We want you to be able to make your own videos in a way that is convenient yet high quality. We offer video lessons and hands on training. At Ninja Pictures we call these workshops “Dojo Training Sessions”. The descriptions of each type of Dojo Training Session are listed below.


Video Production Basics

“Video Production Basics” has two parts to it. There is a workshop and there is a video series. The video series is available for sale on the website after the event. The workshop is a event you can attend. In the video series you receive the same training as in the workshop. However, in the workshop you get hands on experience with Ninja Pictures, the workbook, you can ask questions, and plan out your own video projects. The workshop and video series teach the basics of video production. It provides the necessary tools and tricks needed to make a high quality video easily, fast, and with a small budget. We call this “Ninja Style Video Production”. You get in and out before anyone sees you. Our motto is “You Didn’t See Anything!” for a reason. The workshop is limited to 50-100 people (depending on location) and spots are sold on a first come first serve basis. The video series is unlimited.

Short Film In A Week

“Short Film In A Week” is a workshop where you help Ninja Pictures make a short film in a weeks time. This is hands on learning experience where you have the opportunity to take on different roles in making the short film. The short film can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes long. Through this experience you will see everything that is needed to make a short film. You will receive basic training in pre-production, production, and post-production. The pre-production will be done ahead of time but you will get to see video of the pre-production, receive a booklet/workbook, and raise questions about the pre-production. You will have an active role in the production of the short film. You will receive some video lessons and a booklet on how post-production is generally done once the production process is complete. After the week is over you will receive a website template and a e-book on marketing films in your email. You will also receive the finished video in DVD format in the mail. This dojo training is open to anyone and spots are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Yacht Screenwriting Vacation

“Yacht Screenwriting Vacation” is a chance for you to get that script of yours finished and take a vacation with your significant other. This is open to individuals and couples. It is a week long event were you cruise in a yacht as you write your script for a film or video. Ninja Pictures teaches basic script writing techniques and standards. After the basics are taught you will pitch your own ideas for scripts in a small group setting. The group and Ninja Pictures will give you feedback on your ideas. From there you go into writing a script for one of your ideas. By the end of the week you will have at least one rough draft of a script you wish to make into a movie or video. The yacht environment will help you relax as screenwriting can be stressful. There will be time set aside for fun activities for individuals and couples. Ninja Pictures offers limited amount of spots in order to make this the best setting for pitch sessions and writing. Spots are available on a first come first serve basis.

Post-Production Lock In

“Post-Production Lock In” is a workshop that is all about post-production. Learn how to edit footage in a small group setting through exclusive videos, booklets, and hands on experience. Ninja Pictures creates a lock in weekend event where no one leaves the building for 24 hours. You arrive Friday evening at 7pm and stay until Saturday evening. Food is provided but you must bring clothes, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, tooth brushes, medications, etc. Limited amount of people can attend so it is based on a first come first serve basis.

Finish Your Film

“Finish Your Film” is exactly what it sounds like… You get to finish your film or video. Ninja Pictures individually walks along side you as you aspire to finish the film or video you always wanted to make. You can be anywhere in the process of making your film (pre-production, production, post-production) when you take on this Dojo Training. Ninja Pictures will assist with anything that you need help with and train you to do it yourself. Ninja Pictures will give you the motivation and tools to get the film finished! Since this is such a unique package it is limited to who can participate. Interviews are held in order to get this package. If you have attended one of the other workshops prior to signing up for this dojo training package your chances of getting in are higher than if you are a first time dojo trainee.