False But Funny View Of Ninjas

If you have seen the previous blog post I posted about the history of the ninja you would know that ninjas are not primarily assassins. Although they can and do kill people they don’t do it without a ligitament reason. Often times when they kill it is for someone else and they are simply doing it for the money. Ninjas have to eat too, you know.

Recently I came across an interesting webpage. The website is called realultimatepower.net. The page I stumbled across made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to die from laughing. It caught me off guard.

Basically the writer was talking about how awesome ninjas are because they kill people without caring. Some of the stories this writer told were outrageous. I have never heard such things. It’s like the writer was mixing stories of ninjas with cheesy Chuck Norris jokes.

Overall it was a delight to read because even though it is false it was hilarious. The writer was trying for it to be outrageous and humorous. The whole website is great because it is just one rediculous thing after another. Even the author page where he describes himself is funny. It’s definitely a site to check out in your free time.

Click here to look at the blog post described and commented on in this post.


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