Ninja In Universal Orlando Resort

A ninja was spotted in Universal theme parks in Orlando Florida this April. This ninja surprised many because it was a very rare and strange event. Some people cheered for the ninja as it rode the park rides and walked in the streets. Many others did double takes and tried to get pictures of the ninja before it disappeared in the crowd.

While at the park the Ninja fought crime with Spider-Man.


Destroyed aliens while scoring the high score.


After a few long days of keeping the Universal parks from evil the Ninja took a nap.

Nap Time

But of course the ninja was only faking in order to find the hideout of the villains. Once at the hideout the ninja was reported to have destroyed them all. Thank you miss ninja for keeping our amusement parks free of crime!

Here are some other photos the ninja allowed people to take of her…

Ninja & the Hulk


Harry potter snowman

phone booth


family photo






You didn't see anything

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